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At KCLG&S we have cultivated a tradition of fully staging Gilbert & Sullivan’s operettas with costumes and sets that would befit a far better endowed society. The motto of the committee is ‘to do more with less’, but the grant we receive from the KCL Student’s Union shrinks every year. We currently do not receive any funding from our Student Union, of which we are a member.

By making a contribution towards the cost of making costumes, building sets, and hiring the theater you can help give young people the opportunity to perform in fully staged operettas and help sustain the great tradition of ULU’s only Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

We launched ‘Friends of G&S’ to help provide a means for those who have expressed an interest in helping the society flourish, and meet the cost of providing musical experience and education to King’s Students. Although donations of any level are welcome, we have devised a stratified system, each with a gift in return, so that the society may express its thanks to those graciously helping us achieve our goals.

If you are interested in donating, please visit our contact page.


Bronze Friendship, £25

Our most economical friendship level, £25 would go a long way towards paying down the material cost of chorus costumes. As thanks for becoming a bronze friend, we would be delighted if you would accept in return a complimentary ticket to our 2020 productions of Pirates or Mikado and a mention in our show programme.

Silver Friendship, £50

With a single sheet of MDF pushing £20, building our well regarded sets is always a challenge. For our production of Pirates, we are looking to go even further.  A £50 Donation would certainly help us to with our set building costs!

Silver friends get two complimentary tickets and reserved seats to Pirates, a free programme and a complimentary drink at the bar.

Pearl Friendship, £75

The Pearl Friendship of £75 entitles you to two complimentary tickets to Pirates with reserved seating, two drinks on arrival and a beautiful show poster to take home with you – a wonderful keepsake and perfect for hanging in the downstairs loo!

Sapphire Friendship, £100

The Sapphire Friendship of £100 would help us make and purchase props for our shows- those little details that really make a show sparkle! This level of friendship entitles you to two complimentary tickets to Pirates with reserved seating, two drinks at the bar and a show poster, plus  you will also receive a complimentary DVD of the show!

Gold Friendship, £125

To a small society like us, £125 is a lot of money and will really help us punch above our weight. This kind of donation would allow us to hire or create beautiful, authentic-looking costumes for our cast, to make our show a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. The Gold Friendship entitles you to four complimentary tickets to Pirates, with four free drinks from the bar. Plus, if you sign up to be a Gold Friend you will receive a complimentary DVD of Pirates at the Greenwood Theatre as well as an A4 poster signed by the cast and creative team!

Diamond Friendship, £150

One of our largest outgoings every year is the cost of hiring the Greenwood theatre. We used to get the use of this brilliant facility free from the University, but sadly this is no longer the case. With it’s full fly tower, professional sound and lighting equipment and large stage with pit it is perfect for performing fully staged operetta. A gift of £150 would cover almost a quarter of the cost of theatre hire and such a donation would be a significant boon to the society. To show our appreciation for your generosity, we hope you would accept a bottle of something bubbly* to enjoy with friends, four complimentary tickets to Pirates and four free drinks from the bar. You will also receive a complimentary DVD of Pirates at the Greenwood Theatre as well as a signed show poster (your choice of A4 or A3 size) and a complimentary programme.

Platinum Friendship, £200

For the past four years we have been lucky enough to receive an invitation to participate in the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival**. During August we take a G&S production to compete alongside other Universities from all around the world in Harrogate in Yorkshire. The Festival is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a community and meet other like-minded young people; it provides our members with invaluable experience, professional career advice and promotes the Society on an International Stage. Transporting our sets, costumes and our cast members up North is no mean feat! And although the Festival helps us out a great deal with providing us a fantastic venue, technical professionals and an orchestra, we do not receive any further income from tickets, merchandise or bar sales.

Our recent Festival double bill of Trial By Jury and H.M.S. Pinafore in August 2018 won us 4 awards and 2 nominations, including winning the award for best show! It is truly gratifying for the Society to be recognised in such a way and we truly hope we will be able to continue our participation at this wonderful event.

A gift of £200 would cover the cost of actually getting us all the way up to North Yorkshire from London and such a donation would be a significant boon to the society. In addition to four tickets to Pirates, a bottle of bubbly and all the above benefits including a signed show poster and DVD of Pirates we would also like to present you with a special gift and a DVD of our performance of The Mikado at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in August.

Businesses making such a donation would be welcome to display an advertisement in our programme and would be assured of our undying gratitude!

Click here to get in contact about making a donation!

Thank you.

*We’re big fans of prosecco on the KCLG&S committee – but if you’d rather something else do let us know in advance! 

** If you would like further information on the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival please visit their website at 

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